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Atrium Addiction Care offers a variety of treatment choices and programs for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Our inpatient treatment programs are designed for those who have more severe substance use problems and require 24-hour care. We admit both voluntary and involuntary patients.

Inpatient drug rehab is a live-in program where clients can receive monitored and highly-structured take care of drug and/or alcohol addiction from specialists. Learn what it is, and when you might require inpatient treatment.

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Recuperating from an addiction to drugs or alcohol isn't easy, and many individuals require additional assistance to handle their addiction and maintain long lasting sobriety. Depending on the intensity of your substance abuse concerns, you may think about going to an inpatient rehab center that will help you stop utilizing drugs or alcohol with the assistance of addiction treatment experts. However, not every treatment center is alike, and some programs might be much better than others for your particular needs and situation.

Just as everyone recovering from drug or alcohol abuse is special, so is each drug and alcohol healing program. If you're taking a look at inpatient rehab, there are different considerations to make and concerns you'll need to ask prior to you pick the right fit. In this guide, we'll show you how to make an informed choice when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab program for yourself or your loved one.

What is an Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

Inpatient rehab is a type of addiction treatment where patients reside at a rehabilitation center 24/7 while getting monitored and extremely structured take care of their drug and alcohol abuse.

As soon as a person enters inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation, they become a full-time homeowner of their selected program and get targeted care and support for 24 hr a day, 7 days a week. They might live alone in a designated room or board with a roommate, consume meals at their facility, and go to structured one-on-one or group treatment sessions several times each day. The typical length of stay is thirty days, however depending upon the scenario, more time might be beneficial to long-lasting recovery and preventing regression.

For lots of, one benefit of inpatient treatment is that it allows for the positioning of range in between patients and their potentially problematic house environments. Removed from these diversions and stressors, an individual might be much better able to focus on healing efforts-- all under the trained guidance and supportive care of a professional addiction treatment team.

Various treatment settings exist on a continuum of care; the most appropriate level is best determined by an addiction treatment expert after cautious factor to consider of an individual's distinct circumstances and particular treatment requirements.

Numerous centers provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment services as part of their program, and a person might move through them as more or less extensive levels of care are required. Treatment durations may also vary; for example, a person's treatment stay could vary from weeks to months, depending on the kind of program and the person receiving care.

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Medical Drug and Alcohol Detox

Many patients' very first inpatient experience will be medical detox, where medical team member are present 24/7 to supply support and medication as required to make sure comfort and safety throughout the withdrawal process.

Following a duration of medically managed detox, many people will relocate to relatively less extensive, but still extremely structured and supportive residential treatment. Residential treatment programs will initiate frequent and intensive counseling and therapy sessions to assist individuals recognize and attend to the causes of their compulsive compound use. Many domestic programs are also geared up to attend to other problems (e.g., social, medical needs) as part of the patient healing plan. Residential treatment program lengths differ and may last from weeks to months.

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